All About Tim


Level Design

Learned about the Unity Game Engine, Level design, and started to combine previously learned skills. Go experience my world in the labs page, you can download for either Windows or Mac.

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Board Game

To learn about teamwork and building a game from start to prototype at Full Sail University. Click on the rule book in the labs page and go towards the bottom of the document to find printables to build and play the game. Go read about my game in the labs page.

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Javascript Games

For learning basics of programming at Full Sail University I built javascript based games using the Perlenspiel Game Engine. I have updated the games to flow better with the Jekyll format that this site is built on. Go experience my games in the labs page.

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My Jekyll Site!

This site is built using Jekyll and hosted on AWS. I’ve modified the theme to handle the additional materials I wanted to share (javascript games I built, added my resume link, share my linkedin page, etc.). If you have any questions on how I accomplished anything on this site feel free to reach out at any of the links below. I will periodically be updating this post as I modify this site.

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